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Art & photos by Bethany P. Photography

Photo Joanna Judko

\Photo Bethany P. Photography

Photo by Cathi Jensen at NA Stallion Sport Test!


Nick of Diamond and owner Roxanne Christenson, Championing the North American Stallion Sport Test at Hilltop Farm in October 2023. Super star!! 

Photo Cathi Jensen, Auntie

Nick of Diamond, 2018 KWPN 16.2+h Dark Chestnut with 4 socks, blaze, snip, lip, blue eye!  By Glock's Toto Jr. x Johnson x Gribaldi

Licensed KWPN-NA, American Hanoverian Society, Rhineland Society, Westfalen, German Oldenburg.

Stud fee: $1,200

Owner, Roxanne Christenson

Breeder, Barbara Lichtendahl & Bertil Pepper, NL

Importer, Cathi Jensen

I picked Nick off his 2 yr old lunge video as I'd been looking for a young stallion prospect for a stallion rider in town, Austin Webster. When I saw him I immediately said VET HIM NOW! And the rest is history. He was started then pastured a few months in NL, then I imported him at 3.5 yrs old to compete in the 4 yr olds in 2022. He gained significant scores up to 88.9% in the YH classes, qualified & invited to Festival but I did not want to send a 4 yr old. He was licensed at  Hanoverian, Westfalen, and was top 4 yr old in all of USA & Canada for the KWPN-NA with a whopping score of 86.5%. THAT was huge for me as a breeder getting back into the scheme of things after a 10 yr hiatus from breeding. 

Then an old trainer friend from Seattle who'd relocated now to Wellington, was in the market for a YH. I'd texted Robert (Dover) about wanting another owner for Nick, and immediately he got back to me with, "you're not going to believe who it is"!! It was meant to be. Roxanne is the best owner on the planet for this horse as her training skills and wherewithall in the International dressage world is wonderful. She purchased him from me and has huge plans for him in the Int'l stage. 

In October 2023, she took him to the 3-day North American Stallion Sport Test at Hilltop Farm in MD. Nick of course rocked everyone's world and was top Dressage Stallion! 

We are OBSESSED with this horse. 

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