Equitador! Darling little guy, so so sweet & gentle! Lovely type. 11 yr old 15.3h dapple grey Lusitano gelding in Napa, imported already! 
Schooling 3rd plus Piaffe, trails, super fun & easy. A bit more sensitive than some but no spook or anything silly. Luvs his scratches & grooming time! 

Price category C


SOLD!! Icaro! 7 yr old 15.2h light chestnut w/ dorsal stripe. Newly imported. Very modern type, fancy mover, top prospect for GP! Super super sweet & friendly, easy to train on, great-mind! Workaholic type! Ready to show PSG now! We will see this horse in the big ring for sure! 

Price category ​E. Just selling now...

The stunning, Imperador! A very special horse who arrived July 2020 to CA, USA. NOW IN Petaluma, CA!  From Lisbon, one of the most famous breeders & classical trainers in Portugal. 7 yr old 16.1h dapple grey, absolutely gorgeous and charismatic all at the same time. Really draws you into his presence. A true Lion-heart! Schooling 3rd plus piaffe/ passage. Super fun to sit on & train! Gives a VERY good feeling in the saddle. 
A big talent for the future. Super for amateurs or Juniors, very safe. I'm looking for the perfect match & show home for Imperador. Applications being reviewed! 
Clean x-rays & vet check. 

Price category H. Includes import. 

Castico! Darling 13 yr old 15.1h imported Lusitano gelding schooling Inter I plus pi/ pa. Amazing to ride, super safe, excellent hind leg! 

Good on trails, easy to handle, super super friendly & sweet! Smooth even w/ all the action! 

Price category C. 

Jardinero!!! GORGEOUS 6 yr old 16h Buckskin Lusitano gelding. Imported and schooling 3rd level. Very quiet & safe, also started on the WE obstacles without batting an eye! Super sweet gentleman who really luvs to work for you! Very cuddly, a real friend! 🦄🦄🦄💙
​Price category D. 

The girls! Pantera & Preciosa!!! I'm in Luv! Sooooo adorable! Very friendly & easy to groom, pick up their feet, load in the trailer, etc. Very nice yearling fillies, tall ones as well. Reasonably priced under 15k USD, as they're in Napa, CA. A dark brown (registered as buckskin as she was buckskin at birth!), and a buckskin Preciosa! Both their sires is a Cremello! 

Bay Pantera is sold.



Imbu! Lovely lovely temperament, a total luv bug! Schooling 2nd-3rd level, will show changes soonly, he's super talented, we can already see his future in the FEI ring. Very nice type & super mover just needs time to develop. We luv Imbu a lot, he wants a super cool person! For an ambitious AA, JR, YR to bring up the levels.  Very good guy for the future! 
Price category E. 

Pisco!  Wonderful 8 yr old 17h beautiful grey PRE gelding, now in Petaluma, CA. Schooling 4th, piaffe/ passage, schooling pirouettes, good technique for GP! Big smooth mover & huge ground-covering walk! Super minded guy, very easy & quiet! Shown thru 3rd, very safe, travels to shows nicely. This is a very special boy, extremely affectionate & cuddly, gentle in the stall & a kitten to handle! Lovely all the way around, and will get you into the CDI ring if you so desire! Perfect for good Amateurs, YR, JR! 

​Price category ​F

Latino! 5 yr old 16h bay gelding just imported from Portugal! One of the most chill horses I've met! Easy-going guy w/ lots of talent for GP. Schooling 3rd plus pi/ pa, he's easy, super safe & quiet. Modern type, leggy, very pretty! As earthquake proof as they come! With high talent & ready to show 3rd! 

​Price category E.  Just selling now...

Hermoso! Darling puppy dog personality! 8 yr old 15.3h liver chestnut w/ chrome everywhere! Flaxen mane & tail! Super safe, quiet, schooling 3rd level w/ changes good & passage, Spanish walk, etc. Imported a few months ago, ready for an amateur, junior! 
Clean x-rays. 
Price category E. 


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