Wonderful temperament, an old soul.

Schooling 4th+ level, changes on, 

naturally balanced horse. Big mover.

Piaffe started too! 

Follows you around the barn like a dog, 

started bareback w/ a halter at 3!

​Price category A until imported, grab 

him now before he's expensive. 

​Clean vetting. 


LOTUS DE SENA, Global Lusitanos' Flagship stallion in Lisbon. Available for 2023 breeding season! See his page...Will be available in Europe to a show home. Price category F. 

Noqui!! GORGEOUS dark Buckskin! 6 yr old 16.3h 

Global Lusitanos Xavi. A star in his own making. Liberty horse, trick trained, Dressage trained up to schooling GP. Now looking for his person to do Liberty work with, I'd like to have him remain in Europe but he is piro free. Lifetime guarantee

​Clips on my FB page. Located Holland. 

10 yr old 16h Lusitano gelding. 


SOLD!  Mexico! Lovely 6 yr old 16h Bay Lusitano stallion! 

Schooling 3rd plus learning tempis, piaffe, pirouettes, half passes! Trained by GP rider in Lisbon, so very good foundation on him. 

Very easy, quiet, super friendly partner. 

​Price category D before import. ​​

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel, although most videos are private, just ask for them when you're in the market for something special.

Then call me!  206-949-7111. WhatsApp, 

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A. under $50,000

B. $50,000-$75,000

C. $75,000-$100,000

D. $100,000-$150,000

E. $150,000-$200,000

F. $200,000-$350,000

G. $350,000 and up

Plz realize, horses purchased in Europe are priced in EUROS!


Let's talk about Importing, I handle it all for you! We have a few choices of good well-known companies who ship and fly our horses from Portugal. We Import into Miami, JFK, LAX, Calgary.  Stallions need 30-day quarantine, mares 2 weeks, and geldings 3 days once they've landed in USA. We do extensive blood tests prior to import procedures, and we have experienced qualified handlers along the trip! I've been importing horses since 1982 in Los Angeles when I rode for a h/j trainer, and learned from the beginning days! 

​​Click on the photos to watch videos!


SOLD! Max! Yes, a half brother! 5 yr old 16.1h bay Lusitano Stallion. Schooling 3rd, learning changes, half pass, extensions. Big mover, very elastic and expressive. Friendly, agreeable fellow, suitable for amateurs & JR's! 

Piro free. 

​Price category C. 

Wilderness Farm Dressage Sales

My partners in Portugal are top Lusitano breeders. From foals to GP. We also have lots of 3-4-5 yr olds in Portugal, Spain, and Brazil to offer you! On up to Grand Prix Dressage horses. 

All sizes, colors, most started lightly at 3. Send me a message as to what you're looking for and we will find your perfect match for you!


SOLD! Morango! Rare special color, Grulla!

5 yr old 16.1h Lusitano gelding, piro free, ready to import! I'll handle it all for you! 

Good training on this guy, goes on trails, green yet very cool-headed! Luvs to please. 

Schooling 1st-2nd ish. 

Price category C very reasonable