Marvelous Marialva! 2016 16.1h Gorgeous Buckskin Lusitano gelding in Lisbon! Absolutely earthquake proof, very quiet & easy. In full training w/ top rider. Great addition to Global Lusitanos family! Very good mover & amazing temperament.

Purchase off a video & I 100% guarantee this horse as we know the breeder well, family friend of my partner there. 

Price category F w/ import 

The stunning, Imperador! A very special horse we had in Portugal, arrived July 2020 to CA, USA. NOW IN Petaluma, CA!  From one of the most famous breeders & classical trainers in Portugal. 7 yr old almost 16.1h dapple grey, absolutely gorgeous and charismatic all at the same time. Really draws you into his presence. A true Lion-heart! Schooling 3rd plus piaffe/ passage. Super fun to sit on & train! Gives a VERY good feeling in the saddle. 

A big talent for the future. Super for amateurs or Juniors, very safe. I'm looking for the perfect match & show home for Imperador. 

Clean x-rays & vet check. 

​Price category H. Includes import. 



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LUNA!  Stunning 5 yr old 15.3h dark gold Palomino Lusitano stallion in Portugal. Dreamy temperament to go with this gold! Schooling 2nd level, ready for changes, lateral work, very easy & quiet. Perfect amateur or Jr horse as he's really trying his heart out for the rider.

Clean x-rays. 

​Price category F including import. 

Max! Yes, a half brother! 4 yr old 16.1h bay Lusitano Stallion. Schooling 3rd, learning changes, half pass, extensions. Big mover, very elastic and expressive. Friendly, agreeable fellow, suitable for amateurs & JR's! 

Piro free. 

​Price category D. 

Let's talk about Importing, I handle it all for you! We have a few choices of good well-known companies who ship and fly our horses from Portugal. We Import into Miami, JFK, LAX, Calgary.  Stallions need 30-day quarantine, mares 2 weeks, and geldings 3 days once they've landed in USA. We do extensive blood tests prior to import procedures, and we have experienced qualified handlers along the trip! I've been importing horses since 1982 in Los Angeles when I rode for a h/j trainer, and learned from the beginning days! 

Jumbo! Gorgeous 7 yr old 16.1h Buckskin Lusitano gelding schooling some GP movements! Complete Inter 1, super piaffe/ passage! VERY EASY one! Super quiet & safe for amateur or JR, YR. Extremely cuddly & friendly personality! Shown & clean x-rays, in Lisbon in full training w/ GP rider. 

​Price category I.

NERO! 3 yr old 16h Cremello Lusitano Stallion! Gorgeous, typey, tall & top lineage for breeding too as the breeding families are top notch.

Big loose moving guy. Superb temperament. Absolutely perfect conformation.

Very gentle & easy to handle. 

Price category D with import to USA

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Wilderness Farm Dressage Sales

Lord! 6 yr old 16.2-16.3h Bay Lusitano gelding in Lisbon in full training w/ GP rider. Solid & confirmed Inter II, schooling some GP movements, great piaffe! Very easy, super mover, will be GP in no time! Fab personality!

Clean x-rays

​Price category I. 

Maestro! 4 yr old 16h dark dapple grey Lusitano stallion. Super talent, very quiet & easy, fantastic personality! Schooling 1st level and shows talent for upper levels already. 

​Piro free. 

Price category B. plus import

Maximus! 4 yr old 16h or so Lusitano stallion in PT. Super type for FEI & the big ring. Schooling 2nd level, shown in the 4 yr old test in Lisbon, wonderful temperament for training up the levels! Amateur, Jr, he's super safe!

Piro free. He is full Lusitano just not papered with PSL, has a passport.

Price category D. 


A. under $20,000

B. $20,000-$35,000

C. $35,000-$45,000

D. $45,000-$55,000

E. $55,000-$70,000

F. $70,000-$85,000

G. $85,000-$100,000

H. $100,000-$125,000

I.  $125,000-$150,000

J. $150,000-$200,000

K. $200,000-$350,000

Remember, horses purchased in Europe are priced in EUROS!


We are developing this special one, Lotus Das Faias.  Arrived July 2020! 

A cuddly, uber friendly, 6 yr old 16.h  FANCY Buckskin Lusitano gelding with THE BEST temperament and character! Easy to ride, yet contains a ton of talent to go all the way to GP! Very high quality talent for the future! From a top breeding program in Portugal, Sired by Escorial. He's a show-stopper for sure. 

​Our new super star!!!