SOLD! Flash! Amazingly talented yet extremely rideable & earthquake proof for any amateur or young pro! 10 yr old 16.1h Lusitano Stallion, already imported to USA, located in N. CA! 

Ready to show PSG, schooling some GP, 

world class Piaffe/ passage. Could be for a 

small team or YR too. Willing & easy, a lovely

horse to watch and would make any barn a

great investment for their future. 

​Price category I for the moment. 

LUSITANOS FOR SALE in PORTUGAL...plz scroll down!

SOLD! Fabuloso! Very nice type, powerful & strong frame, schooling 2's, piaffe/ passage, super nice sit in the pirouettes, gorgeous half-passes. Very easy to ride, not for a beginner but he doesn't spook or anything, just more sensitive for someone who can ride decently. Perfect for Jr or young pro to get in the ring. Wonderful temperament & personality. Gorgeous big eyes, luvs being with his ppl, groomed, etc. 

Already imported, in N. CA! 

Let's talk about Importing, I handle it all for you! We have a few choices of good well-known companies who ship and fly our horses from Portugal. We Import into Miami, JFK, LAX, Calgary.  Stallions need 30-day quarantine, mares 2 weeks, and geldings 2 days once they've landed in USA. We do extensive blood tests prior to import procedures, and we have experienced qualified handlers along the trip! I've been importing horses since 1982 in Los Angeles when I rode for a h/j trainer, and learned from the beginning days! 

Equitador! Darling little guy, so so sweet & gentle! Lovely type. 11 yr old 15.3h dapple grey Lusitano gelding in Napa, imported already! 

Schooling 3rd plus Piaffe, trails, super fun & easy. A bit more sensitive than some but no spook or anything silly. Luvs his scratches & grooming time! 

Price category C

2015 now 5 yr old 16.2+h bay Lusitano stallion  Lynx from GP lines by Escorial! Top prospect, Int'l quality, very sexy youngster. Modern type, lighter boned, uphill build.

Destined for greatness. A sensitive ride, very forward and moves big & elastic.

Videos upon request. Lightly ridden & shown 1x.

Perfect for Pro or good amateur wanting to develop their next CDI horse. 

Clean x-rays & vet check. 

Price category C. 

Own a part of history!!!
This special horse is a LEGEND IN HIS OWN TIME!
"Andiamo 2005" Grand Prix Lusitano recently gelded! 
USDF All Breeds Iberian Grand Champion Grand Prix, 2 years in a row, 2018, 2019
National Champion Working Equitation Advanced level, 3 years in a row, 2016-2018!
Andiamo tells a story. Make him part of yours! 

Clean recent x-rays, vet check, frozen semen available as well. 

Price category I. 

​Jardinero!!! GORGEOUS 6 yr old 16h Buckskin Lusitano gelding. Imported and schooling 3rd level. Very quiet & safe, also started on the WE obstacles without batting an eye! Super sweet gentleman who really luvs to work for you! Very cuddly, a real friend! 🦄🦄🦄💙

​Price category D. 

The girls! Pantera & Preciosa!!! I'm in Luv! Sooooo adorable! Very friendly & easy to groom, pick up their feet, load in the trailer, etc. Very nice yearling fillies, tall ones as well. Reasonably prices under 15k USD, as they're in Napa, CA. A dark brown (registered as buckskin as she was buckskin at birth!), and a buckskin! Both their sires is a Cremello! 


The stunning, Imperador! A very special horse we have in Portugal, arriving June 2020 to CA, USA. 7 yr old 16.2h dapple grey, absolutely gorgeous and charismatic all at the same time. Really draws you into his presence. Schooling 3rd plus piaffe/ passage. Super fun to sit on & train! Gives a VERY good feeling in the seat.

A big talent for the future. Super for amateurs or Juniors, very safe. 

Clean x-rays & vet check. 

​Price category I. Includes import which I handle 


We are developing this special one, Lotus Das Faias.  Arriving CA USA Spring 2020! 

A cuddly, uber friendly, 5 yr old 16.2h  FANCY Buckskin Lusitano gelding with THE BEST temperament and character! Easy to ride, yet contains a ton of talent to go all the way to GP! Very high quality talent for the future! From a top breeding program in Portugal, Sired by Escorial. He's a show-stopper for sure. 

​Our new super star!!! 

Super sexy 10 yr old 16.3h black bay Lusitano Stallion schooling PSG + Piaffe for sale! Loads of Presence, very sweet and friendly! Really a fun horse! Schooling most of the GP, easy ones, pirouettes, etc. Piro free & good x-rays! 

​Price category F.

​​Click on the photos to watch videos!

9 yr old PSG

Imbu! Lovely lovely temperament, a total luv bug! Schooling 2nd level, will do changes soonly, he's super talented, we can already see his future in the FEI ring. Very nice type & super mover just needs time to develop. We luv Imbu a lot, he wants a super cool person! 

Price category D. 

Wilderness Farm Dressage Sales

​Stunning animal, Jax is a rock star. 6 yr old 16.2h +

Cremello Lusitano gelding arriving soon from Portugal! Schooling some GP steps, does some ones, piaffe, passage, pirouettes, all the good stuff for the FEI ring.  Super talented guy who we are very excited to develop!

Great character! Luvs to work and please the rider. Went to Golega horse fair in Nov. 2019 and was sooo solid! 

We can clearly see he's on his way to GP one day. Does water, trail, super safe! Will be shown on the east coast by one of our partners! 

PURRRFECT for amateur CDI ring!!! JR, YR too! 


Keep an eye on my YouTube channel, although most videos are private, just ask for them when you're in the market for something special.

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A. under $20,000

B. $20,000-$35,000

C. $35,000-$45,000

D. $45,000-$55,000

E. $55,000-$70,000

F. $70,000-$85,000

G. $85,000-$100,000

H. $100,000-$125,000

I.  $125,000-$150,000

J. $150,000-$200,000

K. $200,000-$350,000

Remember, horses purchased in Europe will be priced in EUROS!